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We deliver the quality you expect and deserve. We work fast and we work right. Each of our technicians is highly-qualified and has years of work experience.

  • Dishwasher Installation & Repair
    An unmaintained dishwasher will begin various issues that will wear it out. Obstructed depletes and hindered regions will cause a few undesirable issues like messy dishes, not turning on, water not topping off, depleting or spilling, and uncommon noisy commotion. Our group will be accessible to give you proficient dishwasher cleaning administration and support.
  • Refrigerator Installation & Repair
    Dirt and other undesirable debris will cause your fridge various issues. It can make the water spill, representing a threat to individuals in your family. You may likewise encounter normal issues like your cooler not cooling. Your cooler may likewise cycle again and again, which could bring about a higher power bill. A fridge that continually cycles isn't just loud, and it can likewise influence your financial plan. The fridge is as of now quite possibly the most force burning-through apparatuses in your home.
  • Dryer Installation & Repair
    Build up and trash might stop up the vents and will cause helpless warming or even inadvertent fire. This build up and garbage come from garments you evaporate over the long run, bringing about obstructing in the vents that might result in less or a lot warming or more awful, fire. This trash may likewise make the dryer turn more slow or not turn by any means, making portions of it get harmed. Try not to allow it to get to that point. Request our expert machine cleaning administration. We administration dryers of any force source.
  • Washing Machine Installation & Repair
    Beside molds that expand on difficult to-arrive at regions, you may likewise experience different issues with your clothes washer like a stopped up channel and undesirable smell. An obstructed channel hose and additionally siphon can be brought about by little pieces of apparel, lingering trash, or gunk. This undesirable smell and failing framework making the machine wear out quicker. Our apparatus support organization has a group of expert apparatus cleaners who will guarantee that your clothes washer and different machines keep up with ideal activity.
  • Oven Installation & Repair
    Are you giving your oven or range the care it needs to remain in peak operating condition? Now is a great time to start, with these oven maintenance tips from appliance pros. Staying on top of oven maintenance could save you from unnecessary repairs or premature oven replacement. If it’s too little too late and your oven or range is broken, don’t worry. Call us, or schedule an appointment online today. We’ll take care of it!
  • Microwave Installation & Repair
    Despite its small size compared to other home appliances, the microwave oven can store thousands of volts of electricity in its high voltage capacitor, even after the microwave oven has been unplugged. That’s more than 30 wall outlets combined. Replacing electronic parts in a microwave oven can be extremely dangerous. This should be left to our team of repair professionals.
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    Dishwasher, fridge or other appliance decided to break down at 3 am? FixiFy Appliances will send our technicians immediately! We are on call 24/7, including Sundays and holidays, because we are dedicated to providing same-day appliance repairs. If you require emergency repairs, please call at any time.
    All of our technicians are highly experienced and certified. They hold Red Seal and NATE certificates combined with years of hands-on experience. At FixiFy Appliances, we only use new and original parts and only offer long-term repair solutions, no band-aid fixes.repairs.
    We understand the stress an expensive repair job can cause. That is why FixiFy Appliances provides high-quality cooktop, fridge & freezer, microwave, washer and dryer repair services at an affordable price so all London residents can enjoy fully functional appliances. We regularly offer discounts, and if you book today, we will waive the service fee.